Changes to Parking

The car park belongs to the Centre, we have a limited number of spaces and therefore we feel it necessary to restrict the use to our users, only. We have become increasingly aware that many people use the car park while they do their shopping, take the dog for walk or their children to the recreation ground, for this reason we have decided to put in a parking system. It will still be free for you, our users, you will just need to put your car registration number into the tablet just inside the door. You can do this on your way in or on your way out, it doesn’t make any difference.

If you are just dropping off children or collecting them from the nursery, you will only need to put your registration number in if you think you have been longer than 10 minutes. The grace period is actually 15 mins but the time is taken from the moment you cross the line into the car park and the moment you cross the line as you leave. So if in doubt pop your number into the tablet on your way out to be on the safe side. Beware, one second over the limit and you will be sent a parking ticket through the post for £100.00.