South Coast Wrestling – An Interview

Saturday 16th July, The New Milton Memorial Centre saw the return of the ever popular family fun show ‘South Coast Wrestling’.
We took this opportunity to find out more about South Coast Wrestling, and interviewed Sue Smarti and two wrestlers who go by the name of ‘Kenneth Halfpenny’ and ‘Psycho Phillips’.

South Coast Wrestling has been going for 2 years now as a company. The company works with Josh Bodom booking the wrestlers for the tournaments and Sue Smarti doing all the admin. Sue said that the biggest sacrifice is giving up their weekends to do the shows, but it’s all worth at as the family are passionate about wrestling, especially brothers Josh Bodom and Ryan Hendricks.
“Ryan Hendricks winning the one to watch trophy at the last tournament at the Memorial Centre, was one of my favourite wrestling moments” added Sue.

Psycho Phillips described wrestling as 50% sport and 50% drama that merge into one, whilst Kenneth Halfpenny added that some people have a love hate relationship with the contact sport “you will either gravitate towards it, or be allergic to it” Halfpenny claimed. As for injuries, it seems Phillips and Halfpenny have had their fair share of accidents, with Psycho Phillips having connective surgery on his right shoulder after tearing the tissue off the bone, and Kenneth Halfpenny dislocating his shoulder and wearing away the cartilage!
It seems that the hardest sacrifice for a wrestler is a love life. Phillips said “it’s a very lonely business”, having to give up time with your friends and family to dedicate all your spare time and weekends to the sport.
Halfpenny mentioned that he was known at school as the wrestler, and that the opportunity to be someone else made him want to become a wrestler, whilst Phillips has a love of sports, but couldn’t find one that was really getting him ticking, “it’s the overall package with wrestling, you get to be someone different and I loved all the old violent gory stuff!”

South Coast Wrestling is a great night out of family fun, and is always a hit at the New Milton Memorial Centre. If you ever get stuck on what to do for a night out with the children, come along to one of the shows for a night of pure entertainment! You never know, it may also inspire you!

Interview., photos, and write up by Jodie Harris .